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TROST Australian Aces -- (2005 L&L re-issue)

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Originally released by Nick Trost in the 1970's, AUSTRALIAN ACES seems to have been NIck Trost's take on the (now) classic Martin Lewis Sidewalk Shuffle effect.   Lewis' amazing monte routine had been recently released, and I remember how badly it fooled me when I first saw it.   Well, Trost's AUSTRALIAN ACES has a number of really nice "improvements".    (Don't get me wrong -- it is hard to improve on the near-perfect effect and method of Lewis' Sidewalk Shuffle.  But Trost's version does eliminate the "blank" cards, which are a bit odd for lay audiences, and gives a much cleaner final climax display.)

The original versions of this trick have been extremely hard to find, since about the 1980's --   But in the early 2000's, Nick Trost struck a deal with L&L Publishing to re-issue many of his classic packets.   And AUSTRALIAN ACES was one of those chosen for the re-issue collection.   

The effect:    The magi fans out four cards -- three Ace of Diamonds and one Ace of Clubs.  One of the AD is placed facedown on the table, and the other three cards are mixed facedown.   When turned up, the AC is no longer among them -- just three AD.   The tabled card is turned up and it is the missing AC.   This is immediately repeated, and and again the AC somehow ends up on the table.   The third and final time, the tabled card is turned up first, and it is still an AD.   But the cards in the hand are now seen to be THREE Ace of Clubs.

The final display is very fair and clean, and the contrast of the red Diamond with the black Clubs makes Australian Aces more impactful (I think) than the similar Sidewalk Shuffle.   And more deceptive (I think) than using one AC and three blank cards.

If you are a fan of Martin Lewis' Sidewalk Shuffle, you will enjoy Trost's smart approach to the plot with Australian Aces.

Cards cannot be examined at the end, but the handling is very open and apparently innocent.  Slip the cards back in your pocket and move on to another effect when your done.

New-old dealer inventory, so in new and unused condition, complete with all props and original instruction sheet. 

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