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Knock Out DOUBLE -- two diff. changes

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Mak Magic put out this nicely made version of the double WOW gimmick, called Double Exposure -- we also sell their single version called Knock Out, so I decided to call this one Knock Out Double so they would both be together if you search alphabetically.  

(And before someone asks, the frames -- for single Knock Out and Knock Out Double are slightly different so probably not something you can combine into a multi-phase routine.  But if you do my personal handling of the Double Knock Out -- provided with purchase -- you won't need to add anything else.)

The WOW  effect is well-known:    A card is selected and signed.  Then a poker card-sized plastic screen is shown, and then a random card is put inside.  The face of the random card can be seen in the screen, and then visibly it transforms into the selected signed card.    Well, with this DOUBLE version, the card in the screen changes twice.   You put in an 8H, it changes to a 5D and then it changes to another card, like the QS shown in the photo.  

These changes can happen in full view, though I recommend doing the first change in a less visible manner, to allow for the build to the final (second) change.   The instructions provided by the manufacturer with this prop are very lean, so I have written up my own handling (that I have used for many years), and will provide it.   In my routine, two different cards are selected, and both are revealed by the changing frame -- with the final card being a signed selection.   The effect is one of magical transportation, and it never fails to impress lay audiences.

Very impressive and not hard to do.   This gimmick is well made and has a smooth secret action, which is not always the case with some of the versions of this effect that are being sold.

You receive one Knock Out Double, and the exclusive TMGS instructions from my own handling.

Brand new and unused, with instructions.

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