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3D Realization Pro COMBO-- (both 8 ball AND 3-ball)

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 This trick comes in two versions -- one of them has the black Eight ball, and one has a red 3-ball.     But Magic Tao also put out a COMBO SET, which included BOTH the 8-ball AND the 3-ball.   So you can repeat the trick later and not have the same card and ball reveal.   Or maybe you are just in the mood for a red card and red ball, or other times you want a black card and black ball.    


Sometimes the big finish to a trick is the whole reason for the trick, right?  Certainly this is true with Mark Southworth's 3D Realization Pro,  which starts as a simple "pick a card and I'll tell you what it is" trick, but ends with the magical production of a solid billiard ball from inside the deck of cards.

It looks like this:  Magician shows a deck of cards and his otherwise empty hands.  (His sleeves are rolled up).  A card is selected (for example, the 3 of hearts) and it is mixed into the deck.  The magician cuts to a card, but it is the wrong card.  He one-hand fans the cut off packet of cards, and waves it over the remainder of the deck.  Bang!  A real 3-ball appears.   (Because the chosen card was a red 3, get it?)   The billiard ball is solid and real, and immediately examinable, as is the deck.

For a quick follow up, the magician magically flattens the ball like a pancake on the spectator's palm.

That is one way to do this.  I prefer the other routine that is taught on the DVD, with a couple easy, minor changes.   Have a card chosen (the 3 of hearts) which is mixed back in the deck.  Now show a prediction envelope, and tilt a flat three ball out of it.  "You card must be a red three!"  But then the flat 3-ball vanishes.  The deck is spread and one card has a flat red three ball stuck on it's back!   The card is turned faceup and it is the chosen card.  The chosen card is held in your hand, and shaken until... a real 3-ball falls to the table!  The back of the chosen card no longer has anything stuck to it.

Of course, with this COMBO SET, you can do everything mentioned above with the 8-ball, instead of the 3-ball.

The production of the solid billiard ball requires a jacket, but the props (including extra holdout gimmick) supplied make it very easy and practical.  The balls supplied are actually smaller than a regulation billiard ball, but not by so much that anyone but a pool shark would notice.  The smaller size is just as impactful when produced, but much easier to work with when concealed.

Comes with 8-ball, 3-ball, hold out, flat three ball, flat 8-ball, card stickers, etc -- all you need is a jacket, and a red deck of Bicycle Riders.  (And a little practice.)

Normally this COMBO SET sells for $70-$80, but I have a few at a great price (about 33% less!), so don't miss this!   Authentic Magic Tao product -- not a cheap imitation.

NOTE:  the red "3-ball"  of this effect comes with a solid red ball that has circular number stickers on it to turn it into a "3-ball".  But the ball seems to be made of the same material as actual pool balls, and the stickers look good -- I did not notice they were not imprinted pool balls at first glance.   (Again, this is authentic Magic Tao product -- they issued this prop with the stickers in the 3-ball version.   I think they must have used red snooker balls, hence the need for the sticker. )    The 8-ball has the "8" printed on (in) the ball, just like a regular pool ball -- no sticker for the number.

Brand new, with DVD instructions. 

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