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New Way Mental Choice -- updated, more deceptive

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Most magicians have learned and performed the classic "Mental Choice" effect -- it is generally considered a beginner's trick because the method is simple and "self-working" (as the dealer catalogs like to say).   It may have been so long since you performed Mental Choice, maybe you don't remember how it goes:

A spectator is given a free choice of three colored spot cards, and the magi then shows that this choice was predicted exactly.   

Sadly, most magicians leave Mental Choice behind, because we forget how puzzling it is to lay audiences.  And because (let's face it), it is only a 1-in-3 prediction.    But with the proper build up, Mental Choice is a great opening effect -- one that audiences may actually believe you accomplished by some subtle influence.  This will increase your audience's openness to "believing what you do is real" as you move into more powerful mental magic.     (For more on that theory, re-read Chuck Hickok's Menatlism Incorporated books)

 This "new-way" version uses just an envelope, three cards and a prediction.  (No extra vinyl wallet, or pen for "pointing" etc that cluttered the simple logic in earlier versions of Mental Choice).   The cards show ESP symbols, rather than colored spots, which I think is better for mental magic.    And also,  I have added an extra secret to the props that allows the prediction to be shown before anyone has seen the selection.  (Couldn't do that with the old versions)

Okay, that's a long introduction for a $4 trick !   

It looks like this:    A small envelope is shown and three symbol cards are removed from the envelope.  The three symbol cards mixed facedown by the spectator and then she places any card facedown on the table.   You pick up the envelope and cleanly show a single prediction (For example, You will pick the star).  She turns the card faceup, and it is the star.

Absolutely free choice, and sure-fire -- never fails.   Resets immediately and fits in your shirt pocket, always ready to go.

Includes everything you need, and comes with exclusive TMGS instructions, teaching some finer points that heighten the impact of this effect.   

Brand new with TMGS instructions.

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