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Sticker: MAGICIAN AT WORK (set of two)

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Regular retail: $4.95
Save: $1.00
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Qty: 1   

As Willy Wonka so wisely said, "A little madness now and then, is relished by the wisest men."   

So I guess that is why I like goofy gags like this one.    As I start my card magic set, I take the deck out of the box, remove the joker and prop it up against the box, where the audience can see that the joker has a been turned into a little sign.    "Caution: Magician at Work"

I use these by sticking them on a joker to remove from my deck, but you can stick them on whatever you want.  

You get TWO of these nicely printed, high quality stickers in each lot purchased.

No instructions but I think you'll  know how to peel and stick 'em.   (Cards shown in photo are not included-- just the TWO stickers)

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