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HILFORD, Cellular Mitosis 2 (CM2) -- 100% killer, IF...

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First edition, 2009 by Docc Hilford.   CELLULAR MITOSIS 2  (aka  CM2)

Softcover, staple bound, 20 pages

CM2 is one of the 30+ booklets in Hilford's "Real Time mentalism" series.   The effect is an update of Annemann's handling of the classic telephone trick.   You can read the back cover photo to get the effect description (along with some expected Hilford marketing hyperbole, but it is basically an accurate description of the effect).     

Hilford came out with this booklet 4 years after the original Celluar Mitosis book was released.  Although Cellular Mitosis (#1) was excellent, obviously Hilford got more input from performers after releasing CM#1, and so he updated and enhanced the routine.

In the headline for this listing, I say "Killer, if..."     That is, if... you are not afraid of bold methods and you are confident in managing your audience helpers.   This routine is not for beginners or performers who feel guilty when they are doing something secret and sneaky.   But for a confident, well-practiced performer, this routine can definitely be "killer"!

Re-read the back cover in the photo, and think about the impact this effect can have on an audience.  And if you have a few simple to carry props, you are always ready to perform this for a group at a party, conference or club.

Like most Hilford routines, it is bold, and relies on some dual realities as well as basic mental magic techniques.  This is the type of routine that most will pass on, thinking it is too bold.  But if done with confidence, and a clear understanding of why it works, it is 100% killer.

This book is new-old dealer inventory, never previously owned, and in absolutely MINT condition

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