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MisMatched Colors -- deceptive, colorful prediction

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This effect uses an old principle/method -- not sure who first invented it.  It is deceptively simple, and simply deceptive.   The props are colorful and ungimmicked, always a nice plus for close-up mental magic.

Mental Magi (that's you!) shows three envelopes, each with a colored spot on the face.  Three colored discs are taken from the envelopes, and the spectator is asked to arrange the envelopes in a row, in any order she wants.  Then she is asked to place the three discs onto the envelopes.  "We want none of the colors to match" you tell her.    From among the ways she can do this, she freely chooses one of the combinations.   You recap:  she has arranged the envelopes and discs in an order that is completely of her own choosing -- she agrees, of course, because she has.  (No Force involved here)      You continue your recap:  "Remember how I said we wanted none of the colors to match?   Look!"     You take a colored card from each of the three envelopes -- and it is seen that the spectator has separated the envelopes, discs and cards into three groups, each with three different colors.  (like in the photo)

As mentioned, all can be examined.

Includes everything you need, and comes with exclusive TMGS instructions, teaching some finer points that heighten the impact of this effect.   

Brand new with TMGS instructions.

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