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ADAMS Bill Box -- like the classic card box, for bills

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This is a great utility item for which you will find a lot of possible uses.   I rank it among the top 10 (or even Top 5) magic items ever produced by the SS Adams company.     Although most vintage Adams items have become very collectible (as has this one), the Adams Bill Changer is also a very useful prop for performance.  (And reasonably attractive, considering it is plastic).

The use is simple:  put a bill in the empty box, close the box and when opened again, the bill inside is not the same bill.    It has changed into another bill or similar flat object. 

The instructions that come with this box detail seven ideas for how to use it, but you will think a tons of others.

A few things I use my Bill Changer for:    (not in the instructions, but you will know how to do these with the box)

borrow a twenty dollar bill.  Rather than touch it, you extend an opaque black box toward the spectator and ask him to put his $20 in with the serial number facing down.  Without looking at the bill in the box, you snap the lid shut and ask the spectator to confirm the box is completely opaque.   Then you clairvoyantly deduce the serial number on the bill.   You write numbers onto a pad, and when complete, you open the box, hand the spectator his bill and compare the numbers.  100% correct.

Or ask a spectator if they would bet a dollar on a card trick --  if you find their chosen card, you get to keep their dollar, but if you fail, you give them $100 in return.   The spectator puts his "stake" ($1 bill) in the box, and you close it for safe keeping.  A card is chosen, and after three tries you have failed to find it.   Looks like the spectator will get his stake back, plus 100 smackers.   But when you open the box to get his bill, there is a card (his selection) and a paper receipt that says "Miracle,  quantity 1, price $1 each      

You get the idea.   Spirit writing on bills or business cards, torn and restored effects, Mismade bill effect (if you have one of those odd bills), etc etc etc 

I estimate this item is from the 1980's.  But it is from new-old dealer inventory, so is complete and props are unused and like new.  The box has some minor shelf wear and some sticker residue on the back, but is otherwise in good shape.

Hard to find this highly collectible and very performable, excellent utility prop now.  Only have one of these...


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