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Pick Your Poison Plus -- Mental Choice gets dangerous!

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Most of us are familiar with classic Mental Choice trick, where three cards are shown to the spectator, and she selects any one of the cards (completely free choice).  Then you show your prediction, and it proves you knew her choice in advance.   Usually the cards have colored spots on them, but here is a fun version using cards with three different colored bottles -- each one saying "Drink Me".

You take a deathly black envelope from your pocket, and from it, you remove the three "Drink me" cards.    Lay them in front of the spectator, and inform her that she is about to make a decision of life and death consequences.   This fateful decision is dangerous, but simple:  which of the colored liquids will she drink?     She chooses any one of the cards, (let's say she picks the red bottle), and you remove one card from the black envelope -- it is another red bottle.   "you see, two bottles were poison, so I had to influence you to choose the only safe bottle -- the red one."   

I added "PLUS" to the name of this trick, because if you get it from TMGS, I will include an extra instruction sheet for my own handling.     I think the very cool, bold Poison graphic (the black skull and crossbones) is very impactful, but sometimes the routine ends without showing the backs of the cards -- just taking the prediction card from the envelope.  So I developed my handling where no matter what color bottle is selected, I show that the spectator chose the only different card among the "Poison" and "Safe" back designs.    This allows me (or you) to emphasize the life and death stakes, the poisonous nature of the drinks, etc from the beginning of the routine, and note simple as an afterthought.     You get my bonus instructions for this handling when you buy this from TMGS.

 (NOTE: the effect sometimes is opposite of above, where the spectator chooses the only Black Skull, and the other two cards are seen to be healthy choices.)

  Great for table hopping or strolling, too, as the trick instantly resets for the next table or group.     Highly recommended.

Brand new and unused, with instructions

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