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My Lucky Chip (BLUE) -- poker chip card reveal, plus bonus

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Simple is best sometimes.   You show a poker chip, explaining it is your "lucky chip".   (It even says so, right on the chip!  See photo)     You have a card selected and lost in the deck.   The spectator cuts the deck, and you place the lucky chip onto the card she freely cut.    You tell her that her card will be directly beneath the Lucky chip.   She lifts the chip, and looks at the card below it -- oops, not her card.   "No, I said directly beneath the chip.  Take a look under the chip."  She turns the chip over to find a mini version of her selected card.

If you get it from TMGS, I will include an extra instruction sheet for my own routine with this prop.       It is based on the Eddie Field's Dropsy Diddle routine (which is very similar to the routine above, but has a very magical kicker ending.)   So I have adapted this prop to the Dropsy Diddle effect, though I have simplified its process and handling.    

Everything is the same as described above -- but  after the spectator turns over the chip to find a mini version of her card there, you ask her to snap her fingers over the wrong card, and it magically turns into her card.    With this simple addition, the impact of the effect goes up exponentially.    You get my bonus instructions for this handling when you buy this from TMGS.

ANOTHER TMGS BONUS -- we have organized the chips in the sets we sell, so that you get two chips of the same color.   So our bonus instructions also include another phase to the routine, where you have the spectator choose another (different) card, and she is asked to wave the chip over the deck and name her card.  When she looks at the chip again, the card on the chip has changed to match her new card!

Comes with two different BLUE poker chips, which can be used individually for repeat performances (with different cards), or you can use them together for the longer TMGS routine provided.    

Brand new and unused, with instructions.     

NOTE:  chosen card reveals vary from set to set, so the cards will be different from those in the photo.   ALSO, use your own deck of cards -- deck in photo is NOT included.)

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