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Biz Card Exchange wallet (brown checked)

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This listing is for the BROWN CHECKER PATTERN wallet -- there are a couple of other styles, listed separately.

I came across this good looking prop, but it had no real routine or instructions to go with it.   So I am wrote up my personal routine that I have used to good effect, and that has helped me build potential client leads and to book more magic shows!    And I'm including these instructions with the prop when you buy it here.  (Am I great, or what?)

Designed to look like a designer billfold, it is the classic X wallet, which is a puzzling quickie on its own, but it has an extra gimmick built into it, so you can follow up the usual X wallet quick exchanges with a very magical finish.

The routine goes like this:  you show your genuine imitation designer business card wallet.  Opening the wallet, the spectator sees that each side has a pair of straps -- one side the straps are close together, and on the other side, they are further apart.   You borrow the spectator's business card, and ask her into which side she wants you to put her card.  (let's say she says, the narrow strap side)   You do, and then close the wallet.  A moment later you open the wallet and her card is on the other side, with the wide straps.   You have her initial her card, and close the wallet.  Again, upon opening the wallet, her card (this time initialed) has jumped to the opposite side.    This time you turn her card face down and insert it under the straps.  When the wallet is opened again, it appears nothing has happened, but then she sees her initials have changed to your initials.  You remove the card, and it is YOUR business card.  You give it to her as a souvenir.

(By the way, you have subtly obtained her card now, which you can use for later follow up to generate more shows!)

This version of the "wallet" (really more of a two-sided folder) is decorated in the style of a famous designer brand with an iconic brown checked pattern.   The wallet is sturdy, lined with velvety fabric, with satiny straps.    It looks pretty classy, considering it is a fairly inexpensive prop.

NOTE: photo shows two wallets -- one open and one closed.  You get ONE wallet.

Brand new with the exclusive TMGS instructions.

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