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The Xerox (Stephen Tucker) -- signature duplication

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Stephen Tucker has a way with practical packet magic.   His influence on the next generation of packet-eers and card workers is undeniable, and THE XEROX is a good example of why.

A minimalist packet effect, since it uses only five cards and they are all blank!   On both sides!    But you have the spectator sign her name on one of the cards, and after a moment for it to dry, you place it in your pocket, saying you "collect signatures of everyone for whom you perform".   Then you admit that it is really a ruse for you to forge their signature, because the spectator's signature has magically "xeroxed" itself onto another blank card.  You show how you can transfer the signature from one card to another, and you do so.  Then you cause the signature to appear on all the cards.   Finally you tell the spectator that she can relax, because you have made all the forgeries disappear.   The cards are seen to be blank, and you reach into your pocket and take out the card with her real signature on it.    You give it to her as a souvenir of the magic, and a reminder that she should be careful who she gives her signature to in the future.  :-)

The instructions for the routine come with five double blank cards.  But since you will want to have extra double blanks handy, (and I happen to have some extras here), I will include TEN extra double blankers.   So you will get 15 all together  --you will need extras to give away to your spectator who signed the card.    (Of course you will probably want to get some more double blanks in the future, but they are readily available in decks of 52 from most dealers.)

Brand new with  instructions and ten extra blank/blank cards.

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