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Surya`s Miracle Device -- a huge improvement on ITR

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When James George invented the ITR (invisible thread reel), it opened up a whole new world of close-up levitation and PK effects.    So it is not a small fact that George not only endorses this new and improved evolution of ITR design, but he even helps teach it in on the DVD.

Invented by Surya Kumar, this new style of reel has a major advantage over previous ITR devices:    Surya's Miracle Device does not require any external anchor.  

You could walk with your spectators to the middle of an open field, with nothing around you, and you can immediately begin to float a borrowed bill, cause your ring to come alive, float and jump onto your finger, or even have a selected card rise from a borrowed deck.  No need for nearby furniture, or any other weird external anchor points.   (And no walking around with wisps of thread hanging off your ears or belt buckle!)   The Surya Device is completely self-contained before and after use.

The DVD teaches about half a dozen uses for this new style reel, each well-taught without a lot of talking -- just detailed closeup videography of the performance and then handling.  James George helps with the explanations, and he also explains how to re-string the reel if necessary.

One of my favorites is an amazing linking rubber bands effect, that is so clean and convincing, yet uses two ungimmicked rubber bands.    There is also a card rise from a borrowed deck that it inside the card case.  And of course, the usual floating bill, and floating finger ring.  He has a great finish to the finger ring float, where the ring floats across and goes right back onto your finger! 

As with any ITR device, this one needs to be handled carefully, especially when first learning it, so that you avoid the inconvenient breakage of thread.   But once you are familiar with the device, you will be amazed at what you can do, and just how cleanly you can create close up miracles.

I recommend this item for those who are already familiar with working ITRs, and who want to step up the practicality and amazement of the routines they are doing using ITR technology.

NOTE:  there is a paper in the box that mentions getting a free or discounted thread upgrade.  I tried contacting the seller of the upgrade, and  did not get an answer, so I think that special offer is no longer valid.  But the device does come threaded and ready for magic.

Regular price on this item is $60.   But I got a few of these at a great price, so you can get it here for less.

CONDITION NOTES:  new and unused.   

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