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Mini Chinese Switch Folder (set of two)

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I have always been intrigued by the workings of the "Magic X wallet" -- you know, the old trick where you have a wallet (or more exactly, a folder) and it has two straps on one side, and one strap on the other side.  (Sometimes the single strap side is two crossed straps in an "X", hence the name, Magic X wallet).   

You put a business card under the single strap, close the folder, and when you open it, the business card has jumped under the two straps instead.     Close the folder, and open it again, and the card has jumped back to the single strap side.    

Although most magicians have seen this, and think of it as a "beginner's trick", most laypeople find it very puzzling.    And lay audiences also find this "Chinese Switch Folder" variation to be even more puzzling.   Because it uses the mechanics of the Magic X wallet in a much more subtle way.

With this Chinese Switch Wallet, you show the folder, open it, and show that there is a small paper packet attached to the single strap.  You unfold (open) the paper, and you put a coin into it.  Fold the paper packet back up, and close the wallet.   When you open the folder and unfold the paper again, the coin is gone.  Or changed into a different coin.

No moves, steals, or tricky stuff -- completely self-contained.

I usually do it like this:   ask the spectator if she would pay 15 cents to see a good trick.  Assuming she says yes, borrow a quarter from her.  Put it into the folded paper packet, and close the folder.  After a magical pass, open the folder, and unfold the packet.  The quarter has changed to a dime.  "Okay, there's you change!"    (Perform this routine 25 times and you'll get back what you paid for the folder!)

I have seen these sell for $5-$7 a piece.  Many sellers claim they are from the 1960's -- they are not.  (They are fairly recent manufacture).      I usually sell these cute little folders for $3.50, but here's a special set of two deal (One red, one blue) for a bit less per folder.    TWO FOLDERS included (one red, one blue, as shown in packages in the photo)     You will have a spare, or you can give (or sell) one to a friend at the next magic meeting.

Photo shows a blue folder open.  You can see the outside designs of the folder in the packaging.  Red and blue folder have slightly different outside designs.  The same design on both sides of the folder.

Brand new and unused, with instructions.    

NOTE: the quarter in the photo is not included, but you already knew that, right?

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