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Torn & Restored Tissue DVD (Bob White)

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TORN AND RESTORED TISSUE  (Bob White) -- published by Scapegrace Productions 2015

Okay, most magicians who have been in magic for more than a couple years have learned a version of the torn and restored napkin (or tissue).   So you probably are thinking you do not need this DVD, and you are just reading this to be polite.   

But you should get this DVD.   Really.    I mean it.

Bob White only teaches the single effect on this DVD, but he also teaches you what a performance looks like after you have spent decades honing and perfecting a trick.  The moves are all motivated and logical.  The details have been considered and re-considered.    So even if you already do a T&R Napkin, you will find some advice to help your own performance.  (Unless you have already been doing it at 100 shows a year for three decades).

If you do not know or perform the Torn and Restored Tissue, you should DEFINITELY get this DVD.

CAVEAT:  White's presentation style is very "laid back", as is his teaching style.  So if you are used to learning magic from quick-cut music-video style productions, prepare yourself for a quieter, gentler learning experience -- skip your morning energy drink, and relax for a half hour while you watch an old dog teach an old trick.    Also, you may find his audience performance presentation old-fashion -- don't worry you are allowed to adapt that part to your own style and personality, remember.  The important thing is to learn the details of a compete, well-thought-out "worker" for the stand-up performer.

Retail on this DVD $12-$15, but I think more magicians should get this DVD, so I'll sell for less!

CONDITION:   New and unopened.

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