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Risk 4 DVD -- Rizki Nanda

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RISK 4  (Rizki Nanda) -- published by Titanas Unique Magic, undated, circa 2013 (I think)

There are only four effects on this DVD, but two of them are REALLY strong, one is very strong, and one is.... mmheh, so-so.

But the three strong ones reflect the very creative and different way that Rizki Nanda looks at Card Magic.  His methods and effects remind me a lot of early Paul Harris work, when Harris was finding ways to fold and use cards like they had never been used before.

Here's the best item, in my opinion:   a random playing card is taken from the deck, folded in quarters into a packet, and the magi writes a prediction on the outside of the folded card.  Another card is selected and the magi now shows his written prediction -- it shows a value and suit, but it is wrong.  However, with the writing in full view, the magi waves the folded card, and the written prediction visibly changes to the correct card.  To end, the folded card is opened and it also matches the chosen card.

Easy to do and solid visual mystery.

A similar excellent item has two folded cards, one red and one blue.   The spectator chooses one, and it vanishes -- instantly and visually.  The other card is opened to reveal a message:  look in your wallet.  The missing vanished card is found in the magi's wallet.

There's also a nifty torn and restored card, ands although the plot has been done to death by every creative magician out there, Nanda's version has a simplicity and elegance that make it worth learning.

The fourth item is a toy car that starts moving by the power of your mind.  Maybe this could be good, but I doubt it.  Let's just re-name the DVD "Risk 3".

Effects are demo'd and taught by Takel, not Nanda, but they are well demonstrated and taught.

Retail on this DVD was $30 originally, but I see someone selling it for $12, which is a great price for these three strong effects.  I'll sell it for that also

CONDITION:   opened, DVD and case/label are in excellent condition.

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