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Pure Magic DVD -- Fernando Keops

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FERNANDO KEOPS: PURE MAGIC  -- published by L&L (2005)

This DVD is volume 3 of one of L&L's many (many, many, many) three-DVD sets that they put out in the first decade of the new millenium.  The first two DVD's of the Fernando Keops set are focused on Gambling moves and demonstrations.  But the third DVD in the set, (this one!), is "Pure Magic" as the title implies.   It features Keops performing 14 different close-up magic routines, and teaching ten of those.

There are three coin routines which are excellent, and will probably puzzle you when you watch them, even if you are well-versed in coin magic.   And when you see the explanation, you will be surprised that they are technically not very demanding. These coin routines are the highlight of the DVD in my opinion.  

But that said, there are also strong card and close-up items in addition to the coin stuff.   His "Spin Move" with cards looks amazing, though you will have to put in some extra practice time!  His three ball routine is also excellent.   And if (like me) you happen to own a Royal Magic Devil's Die Box, Keops puts it to very good use in his Dice Chink-a-Chink routine.

Keops looks like he stepped off the cover of a 1980's romance novel.  He has the long blond hair and big smile that made Fabio famous.   So you may find your wife or girlfriend will even  sit down and watch this magic video with you  :-)

Retail on this DVD was $30 originally, but I see someone selling it for $15, which is a good price for this DVD.  I'll sell it for a bit less than that!

CONDITION:   opened, DVD and case/label are in excellent condition.

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