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LUKA, L.I.N.T (Luka in New Tops) -- 1st edition

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L.I.N.T. (Luka In New Tops) -- by John Luka 

1997 FIRST EDITION, published by L&L.  Hardback  (the book is in NEW, MINT, and never owned previously -- it is from dealer inventory)

I used to look forward to getting my New Tops magazines back in the late 1970's when Ed Marlo had a monthly column.  His collected New Tops columns were eventually re-published in the book M.I.N.T (Marlo In New Tops).     By the time John Luka began his own column in New Tops (1993), I had gotten married and my wife had told me I couldn't have so many magic magazines lying around the house.  So I had let my subscription lapse, and so I never got familiar with the magic that John Luka collected and taught in his column.

Luckily, L&L and Luka teamed up to re-publish his columns, just as they had with M.I.N.T.     And they cleverly called it L.I.N.T (Luka In New Tops).    Well, besides getting the award for one of the wittiest book titles in magic, the book (I discovered) also contained a lot of top-notch material

There is so much good magic in this under-appreciated book.  And so I am calling it "a book you should own, but probably don't!"   If you don't own it, read on to hear my highlights:

There is Ron Bauer's Lie detector routine, which Luka claims may be the best ever.  He may be right.   (Just one of many excellent Ron Bauer items in the book); Milt Kort's Okito box routine that uses an invisible box!   Eric DeCamps take on the Paul Harris coin and card transpo (A Very Strange Exchange); Michael Ammar's logical and effective card in matchbook; versions of the Calendar trick, Open Prediction, and the Twisting plot.

The routines are mostly detailed with patter as well as the handlings, giving you a full sense of the effect and ideas on how best to present it.

In addition, Luka breaks down a few important, but underused, card sleights in detail.  So that you can really learn them, and start using them.

Lots more good stuff in this book, so check out the photos of the Table of Contents.  You will get an idea of the other stuff I am forgetting to mention.

I hope you agree, this is a book you should own.    Published price is $30.  But you can own it for less if you get it here!

CONDITION:  new and mint -- from new-old ex-dealer inventory, so never previously owned

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