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BRYANT, Little Egypt Book of Numbers (1st edition)

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2004 FIRST EDITION, published by H&R.  Hardback  (the book is in NEW, MINT, and never owned previously -- it is from dealer inventory)

This is yet another book I am listing today that I think more magicians should own.  And not just because I have it for sale.   :-)   But because it contains thoughtful, innovative routines, which should inspire your own creativity to apply to other effects you already do.

My guess as to why the book is not as well known as (I think) it deserves to be:  the title is sort of weird, and the dustjacket doesn't give much help, showing an old-time burlesque dancer.    I remember when it first came out, I overlooked it because I did not know what kind of magic (if any) was in this book.  I thought it might be a history book, similar to Ricky Jay's "Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women".  Other magicians probably thought it had mathematical tricks in it.  :-)

What it does have in it are a lot of very creative effects and routines that you will use, or that will stimulate your own creativity to improve your current repertoire.  Bryant knows how to create drama, suspense, humor and interest when he performs, and in this book, he shows you how to do that, too.

There is so much good magic in this under-appreciated book.  And so I am calling it "a book you should own, but probably don't!"   

Check out the photos of the Table of Contents.  You will get an just from the titles of the tricks, there is some creative routining going on here!   The routines are mostly detailed with patter as well as the handlings, giving you a full sense of the effect and ideas on how best to present it.

I hope you agree, this is a book you should own.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  there are some humorous cartoons and captioned photos between chapters, and some of them a slightly racy -- for example, a line drawing of a naked woman, etc.  (I put one in the photos on this listing, so if you are shocked by that, you may not want to get this book.)     Perhaps more shocking would be occasional "bad language" in the descriptions, and even one trick that openly uses spelling the F-word as part of the process to find a chosen card.   (As Bryant advises, this effect is for very specific audiences and situations, but again, if this shocks or angers you, buy a different book from me.)   

    Published price is $35.  But you can own it for less if you get it here!

CONDITION:  new and mint -- from new-old ex-dealer inventory, so never previously owned

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