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Meridian Technique 2-DVD set (Mark Elsdon)

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MERIDIAN TECHNIQUE  2-DVD set -- Mark Elsdon (2015) -- published by Vanishing Inc

My guess is that magicians will either LOVE this 2-DVD set, or they will hate it.   (I fall into the first group).   

If you watch these DVDs with no other objective than wanting to learn some great new tricks that will finally give you a killer closing to your strolling magic gigs...  well, you will probably fall into the second group.   Although Elsdon does teach some effects on these DVD's, he mostly discusses routines for marketed items, and does not fully teach the methods.  He spends time on how he presents them.    Because if you learn the Meridian Technique, it is a presentational approach that you can apply to tricks that you already do.  The purpose of this DVD set is not to teach you more tricks.

But if you so strolling magic gigs, and know the weird feeling when your time is up, and the gig just sort of ends, and if you can even find the person who booked you, he/she may ask you how it went (because although you were killing at every table, the booker did not really ever see the great audience reactions that you got...    Well, Elsdon's MERIDIAN TECHNIQUE is designed to fix this, to create a big finish that everyone participates in, and everyone sees at the end just before you leave.

His thinking is excellent, and if you want to make more impact for these gigs, (and probably get more of them as a result), you will LOVE this DVD set.

A caveat:   Elsdon's technique is not really appropriate for restaurant table hoppers (in my opinion), because it encourages the customers to stay longer -- and we know that restaurants love people who eat fast and leave.  But for a bar environment, and (I find) for private strolling gigs, the Meridian technique is incredibly effective and valuable.    For corporate strolling gigs, the final effect can also tie-in and reinforce a company message, (which the boss will appreciate!)

Although the Meridian Technique is specifically designed to create a high-impact finish to a strolling gig, I find that the technique can be adapted and used to create strong ongoing interest and a finale to any standup show.  Using the techniques throughout the show, between effects and with every volunteer helper, will build similar anticipation and appreciation as you end your show.

The DVD set also includes a PDF of Elsdon's book version of Meridian Technique, so you can learn by both watching and also by reading.

Usually retails for $45.    Get it here for less...

CONDITION NOTES:  This DVD is open, but in perfect condition.   

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