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No Tear Cards - SEX -- Set of six

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Okay, these ain't for everybody, but I got a chuckle out of it from my wife...and she's a tough audience, let me tell you!     Not a magic trick...just a dumb gag that you can use on anyone you think won't slap you.  

The cards read "If you are in the mood for SEX, smile. If you're not in the mood, TEAR THIS CARD UP".    But the cards are printed on an odd kind of "paper" (Tyvek, maybe, I think) which makes them very difficult to tear.   Therein lies the gag, as the unsuspecting victim (or decide) reads the card and tries to rip it up.

The cards are slightly larger than poker sized playing cards -- that's why there's a card deck in the photo.  (You don't get the deck of cards!  It is just there for size scale).   They are blank on the back, in case you want to put your contact info on it.

A great ice breaker...depending on what kind of bars and parties you frequent, or maybe could be worked into an Adult magic act as a gag...   You get 6 cards, which should last years, since they can't be torn.   The close-up photo of the single card is one after about a dozen people have tried to tear it.  You can see the edges get a bit wrinkled or dented, but can be smoothed with your fingers to still look fine.     So you can use a single card over and over.  

But I have found that some of your "victims" will offer to buy the card from you after the experience the gag!   (I have found that Five bucks is an acceptable price!)     So we'll send you six of these cards.    No instructions, but you already get the idea on how to use these.

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