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Eclipse Wallet JUMBO-- visible changer Chazpro 1996

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Although Chuck Leach (at Chazpro Magic) recently remade this Poker size Eclipse wallet, he had sold out of the Jumbo size about 15 years ago, and did not re-issue it in the larger size.   A shame in my opinion, because I think the prop is better suited to the larger format.   The switching mechanism is the same in the Jumbo size as in the smaller Eclipse wallets, but the switch seems more impossible to your spectators because of the larger size.

The Eclipse Wallet is an extremely deceptive switching wallet for Jumbo playing cards or large index cards (if you want to do a spirit writing routine).   The neat part about the wallet is that it has a circular opening in the face of the wallet, so when the card is inserted, the spectator sees it go into the wallet and they can also see it going down into the wallet through the hole.  Once in the wallet, the spectator initials the card (through the hole) -- the card never seems to leave her sight, and yet when the card is removed, it has changed into another card.  (Her initials are still on the new card!)  

Chuck provides a lot of possible uses, including printing effects, card transpos, spirit writing, number predictions, etc.  He provides a couple of large blank cards (like thick index cards), onto which you could have a message appear -- the message can be anything you want:  Happy Birthday, a chosen card name, "will you marry me?"   Anything you want.    The cards are not gimmicked and you can find similar weight card stock at any good hobby store.  So you can give away the messaged cards as souvenirs.

Also provided it an Insurance Policy card, which is placed into the wallet, and when removed, it is a Jumbo playing card, matching the selection!   I really like this extra routine provided with the Jumbo size Eclipse Wallet.

The wallet is in excellent condition.  This wallet is from ex-dealer inventory, and so it is in new condition.  The wallet and props and instructions are as new, the packaging envelope has gotten shop worn and torn over the years.  

Hard to find these now.  Very collectible, but also very performable -- a handy utility device.

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