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Cannibal (Kevin Reylek) -- card INSIDE card

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CANNIBAL  (Kevin Reylek, published by NYMP, 2011) --

Lynn Searles "Cannibal Card" plot was a packet effect in which the four "Cannibal Cards" (usually Kings) eat other cards.  The other cards are placed in the packet of Kings and the cards somehow disappear -- apparently eaten by the "cannibals".  

This DVD teaches a very different effect -- but it is still a very good effect.  Just making sure everyone thinking of buying knows this is not the classic Cannibal card plot.  

What happens here is a single Cannibal card is shown, and then a card is selected.  The selected card is signed, and lost in the deck.   The Cannibal card is placed into the deck, and when the cards are spread, not only is the Cannibal next to the selection, but the signed selection has a large bite out of its corner.  Now the cannibal card is slowly torn open to show the missing corner is INSIDE the Cannibal card.

So unlike Searles' original plot, in this one, the card really DOES eat part of the selected card.   

You obviously have to spend some time making up the card in card gaffs.  Reylek does a good job teaching and showing you how to do this.   The pre-prep is the hardest part -- once you have your gaffs ready, the routine itself is easy to perform.

This is a very memorable and effective routine.

Best online price I found today for this DVD was about $20.    

Opened for inspection, but in new, unused condition, with DVD instructions. 

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