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Spook Cut (Haunt any Bicycle Red deck)

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This is a modern re-manufacturer of Warren Stephen's Oh-Wee-Gee gimmick, which can be easily added to any Blue backed Bicycle poker deck (even a borrowed one), and then perform a clean (thread free) version of the classic Haunted deck effect.  The spectator selected (freely) a card, and it is cut back into the deck.  The deck is placed on the table and the magician places one finger lightly on the deck.  Slowly the top half of the deck slides to one side, with no effort or movement on the part of the magician.  The spectator picks up the card at the spot the deck cut itself, and it is the selected card.

The instructions describe using the spectator's finger, and having them lift their finger.  In this case, the deck cuts very quickly, which is not as impressive.  But if you have the spectator put her finger on the deck while you hold her wrist to control the pressure, you can achieve the spooky slow cut even under a spectator's finger.

Brand new with instructions.  Use your own RED Bicycle Rider back deck (no deck is included)


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