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Jumbo Repeat Thought Card Across

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This is a good one that can be done close-up where the Jumbo cards give better visibility to the entire audience.  (The Jumbo cards also make it seem more impossible that the magi could be doing secret sleight-of-hand with such big cards).  But because the cards are Jumbo (5x7 inch) size, you can also use this one in your stand-up act.

EFFECT:   magic shows 10 jumbo cards, and counts them into two piles of five cards each.  One pile is chosen and set aside in full view, or given to someone to hold, sit on, etc.    The other packet of five cards is shown to a spectator who THINKS of any card.   After a magic pass, the packet is counted on the table and there are only four cards.  The spectator names her card -- say, the 6 of spades (though it could be any of the cards; it is not the same every time).   The magi shows the four card packet and there is no six of spades.   The person with the other packet counts those cards and now finds there are SIX.   And upon looking in the packet, that spectator removes the Six of Spades.     The thought-of card has travelled across.

The instructions included with the trick cover the routine above.   But it seems (to me, at least) to cry out for a repeat, because the effect happens quickly and “invisibly” (as it should, to be magic).  So once the spectators understand what just happened, they really want to see it again.    So I have written up my own personal handling of a second "Repeat phase" -- you only get this repeat handling if you buy this trick from us here at TMGS.

With this optional REPEAT PHASE, you perform the trick as above, and then you put the first chosen card back in its original packet.   After a bit of comic by-play, you again show the spectator the five card packet and have her think of a different card this time.  She does, and just like before, it vanishes from her packet and goes over to the other one!

In my humble opinion, the repeat phase totally makes this effect -- it is good when done once, but it is killer when you repeat it.

The special cards do 95% of the work for you -- no difficult sleight of hand needed.   Oh yeah, and only ten cards are used, nothing extra added or taken away.

Brand new, with original instructions, plus supplemental bonus handling for the killer repeat phase -- (a TMGS exclusive).

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