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Card Marx (early 1985 edition) -- funny finish for Twisting

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This is the 2nd printing (from 1985) of the original edition of this trick, complete with a booklet of instructions (with the Marx Brothers stickers included).    The effect for magicians is ho-hum, but for lay audiences, it is very strong and very entertaining.  So if you want to do good magic for "real" people, keep reading.

The effect:  four aces are removed from a deck, and the rest of the deck is set aside.  The faceup aces turn facedown magically in the packet, one at a time.  During this sequence, the spectators see normal backs on the cards.  But in the end, you admit that the cards are Marked -- "look, you can see the Marx if you look closely".  And you turn the cards facedown to show the backs are now covered with faces of the four famous Marx brothers.

The finale cards are created by putting the included stickers onto Aces from your own deck.  You will need a deck of cards, and one extra Ace of Spades.  Add the stickers and you have stronger magic for laypeople.

I think the Marx Brothers are still known to even younger people, but maybe not Zeppo.  (Not sure if Zeppo is even know to some older people).  So you may wish to do as I do, for an extra laugh and to avoid the "who's Zeppo?" question.   I googled Karl Marx clip art and was amazed how quickly lots of clip art images of Karl came up!   So I made an extra sticker with Karl Marx on it.  At the end, I show the three very famous Marx Bros -- Groucho, Harpo and Chico -- and then ask if anyone knows the name of their lesser known fourth brother.  Usually the answer is no, and I flip the Karl Marx card over.  "It's Karl."  Occasionally, someone knows Zeppo, to which I just say, "Oh, yeah, but I meant the other one.  Karl Marx."    

Get this.  It is fun and if you use my Karl Marx idea, you will have some extra fun, too.

 CONDITION NOTE: The set is complete as issued -- the booklet is in MINT condition, clean and unmarked.  All four original stickers are also included, and three are in excellent condition.  The HARPO sticker has a brown discoloration around the edge of the sticker.  (look closely at the photo)   This discoloration could be carefully cut away before adhering the sticker to a playing card back, as the browning does not go into the image of Harpo.   (You also could scan these original stickers and clean up the Harpo image.)

This discoloration is fairly common on these older editions of Card Marx, and results from the stickers being stored for decades in the original manila envelope that is tipped into the back of the booklet. 

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