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Nickelodeon (Johnson Products) -- vintage pocket trick

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I unearthed a couple of these among a large lot of "new-old" dealer inventory, so even though these are at least 20 years old, they are new and unused.   I am not sure exactly when Johnson Products stopped making Nickelodeon, but I do not remember seeing it advertised much after the early 2000's.   The trick was first introduced by Johnson in the late 1970's -- I bought one for my own performances way back then, and I still think it is a great pocket trick to have on hand for those "do a trick" moments.

Hank Moorehouse took a well known coin box principles, added a clever removable gimmick, and shrunk the size down to accomodate the US nickel coin -- and when he explained it all to Johnson Products, this little brass beauty (aptly named Nickel-odeon) was born.

Let you spectators examine a small brass tube, and some nickels.    Take back the examined tube and coins, stack the coins on the table, and slip the brass tube down over the stack.  They fit snugly inside, and remain in view through the top of the tube.   Cover the tube with a paper cup or coffee cup, and claim you can cause the coins to travel to the other side of the table.   "I can do it visibly or invisibly."  Of course they ask for visibly, and you simply tilt up the cup and slide the tube and nickels across to the other side of the table.   "Invisibly is better!  Watch"   You cover the tube and nickels for a moment with your palm, and when you remove your hand, the nickels are gone.  There is nothing left but the empty brass tube.   You tell the spectator to lift the cup, and she finds the nickels have reappeared under it.

As in the beginning, everything is examinable, and although you have a gimmick to ditch, the ending misdirection is so strong and the gimmick is so tiny and compact, it is a cinch to end totally clean.   (And reset for your table hopping magi!)

If you are familiar with Boston box and German Box workings and techniques, you will guess this is similar with the added feature of being examinable.   Because it is a tube and not a box, some standard box handlings need a bit of re-working, but in general, you can do any of your favorite box routines with Nickelodeon -- (coins through hand, or table, etc)

The gimmick shows an old style Jefferson Nickel, so you will need at least one of those from before they re-designed the Jefferson portrait and reverse.   But they are fairly easy to find still in your pocket change.

Again, this is "new-old" dealer inventory, unused and complete as issued by Johnson products 20+ years ago.

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