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Poster set: FOUR classics (Kellar, Thurston and two Houdini)

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Online Price

Regular Retail: $49.99
Save: $21.04
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

These are reproductions of four very well-known classic magic posters.  They are 20 inches by 30 inches, and are printed on heavy glossy paper.  (The size of each poster is slightly different, but they are all at least 20x30 inches)

You get all four:     KELLAR "Levitation", HOUDINI "King of Cards", HOUDINI "Nothing can hold him", and THURSTON "All Out of a Hat".   

Obviously, at this low price, these are recent reprints of these classic posters -- I am no expert on printing techniques, but if I had to guess, I would say these posters were professionally scanned and then printed like a photo reproduction.   (The heavy paper they are on is a lot like photo printing paper.)  

They look very impressive.   Great for decorating the magic den.   You know your wife will love seeing these posters on the wall!      :-)

These posters typically sell for $10-$15 each, but I got a good price on them, so....

You get all four posters for one low price, and one shipping cost, too.   (The decks of cards in the photos are only there to hold the posters flat for the photos -- no decks of cards are included.   But you knew that, of course!)

NOTE:  for magic poster fans --   if you buy these, and you also buy any of the other magic posters we have listed, there would be no extra shipping cost on additional posters, since I can put them into the same mailing tube.  So check 'em out, too.

NOTE:  for non-USA address buyers -- 'sorry, but not sure I can safely send posters to other countries.  If you are nterested, message me first and I can check if shipping will work to your country.

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