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Jumbo Quick Monte (Meir Yedid)

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The most popular packet card trick ever was (and still is) Color Monte.   Three examinable cards that do so much magic.   So Meir Yedid wanted to do a version of that great trick for stand up audiences.  So he re-worked the handling for Jumbo cards, changed the patter story a bit, and ended up with JUMBO QUICK MONTE.

This trick should be much more popular and well-known that it is.  But I suspect that at a typical retail of $25, many magicians thought it was too much for three Jumbo cards...   But like Color Monte, the value is not in the props, but rather in the effect.  (And that said, these three jumbo cards are beautifully made -- super high quality stock and printing, with a gorgeous Cheetah back design.)

So if have never seen or heard of Jumbo Quick Monte, or you are one of those magicians who thought it was too expensive, you are in luck.  I got a great deal on a few of these, and so I can sell it to you for less.  (Even though it is worth every penny of the $25 price that Meir Yedid still sells these for.)

Effect:    The magician tells a story of meeting a con man with three jumbo sized cards,  one card is shown to be a Queen of Hearts, and the two others are both Two of Clubs.   The cards are mixed facedown, and the con man bet the magician $10 that he could not find the Queen.  The magician guesses, and misses.  "That's $10 you owe me."  The magician continues to play, losing each time, because it appears that ALL the cards are now Two of Clubs, and the Queen is gone.  When the magician is down $50, the con man gives him one chance to get even, with "double or nothing" bet.   The magician is shown one card, a Two, and another card, a Queen.  "If you can tell me what this last card is, you win back your $50" -- the magician guesses Queen, and ends up owing the con man $100.  And that is what is on the card!

The $100 card does not have dollar signs, so will work for any currency.  At the end, the three cards can be examined, as the whole thing is done with just those three cards.   Yedid has worked out effective ways to handle the Jumbo cards, and so the routine is both convincing and entertaining.

 The cards are slightly thicker than standard Jumbo cards, so they will stand up to "real world" performing conditions -- but not so thick as to be difficult to handle.     The back design is a distinctive Cheetah Design, which has nothing to do with the trick, but you can enjoy that the cards have a fancy and unusual look.    

The regular deck of cards shown in the photo is not included and not part of the trick -- just there so you can see the relative size of the Jumbo cards.

Brand new, with instructions. 

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