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Master Choice -- excellent triple prediction

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This close-up prediction effect is very impressive, despite its very simple approach and premise.  Maybe BECAUSE OF its simplicity!   Everything seems so fair and above board, and the end result seems to be far more unlikely than probability would dictate.  But even if a very math-savvy spectator works out the odds (a one-in-six chance), the effect is still impressive, because the prediction is in full view the whole time, and the choices made by the spectator are so clean and free.

The mental-magi shows a small velour bag, and dumps three plastic chips from it.  He also takes out a folded piece of paper, which is set in plain sight -- this is the prediction of the spectator's next choices.  "You believe that you have free will, but this prediction may cause you doubt that notion when we are done."   The three chips are shown (and examined if you want) -- they have a mystical Eye design on the back, and symbol geometric figures on the face -- one has a triangle, one has a square, and one has a star.   The chips are turned symbol-side downward, and the spectator mixes them up until no one knows which symbol is where.   The spectator is asked to pick up one chip, and without looking at it, she puts it into the bag.  Next she is asked to pick up one chip and hand it to the magician.  Finally, she picks up the last chip and holds it herself.   Despite the very straight-forward choices, the magi opens the prediction and reads it:  it correctly describes exactly who holds each symbol and which symbol is in the bag.

No switches of chips or prediction.  Chips have a secret marking system that aids in the performance of the trick, but it is very subtle, and I have never had a problem letting anyone examine the chips.  (Though they really don't feel the need...  because the choice process is so fair).    There is one very subtle use of equivoque involved, but it will blow by even very knowledgeable magicians!  

The props are classy looking, and the routine is a winner.    Get this!

This effect was provided from the manufacturer without a velour carry bag, and with very brief (inadequate) instructions.   It really deserves a nice carry bag, and better instructions, so I went out and got bags and better instructions for you. (What a guy!)    So buy it from TMGS and get everything you need.

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