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Vampire Escape -- fun version of VIZ-Escape

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If you have been through my other listings, you will have noticed that I like the classic VIZ-Escape trick a lot.   Although usually treated as a beginner's trick, it will truly fool the heck out of lay audiences when properly presented.     So I had to get this "kidshow" version, using a (sort of) logical Vampire Coffin and Stake motif.   

Three simple props are used -- a plastic "stake" or nail, a cardboard sleeve that looks vaguely like a coffin, and a card depicting a vampire that has a hole in it.   After handing these out for examination, each piece to a different spectator -- they check 'em out and then you show how the Vampire can be placed into the sleeve, and locked in place with the nail.  Have a spectator hold one end of the nail, with the imprisoned Vampire hanging on the other end.   Then without any false moves, you slowly pull the Vampire out of the sleeve, right through the Stake!   

Without too much trouble, you can find the similarly sized metal nail at a hardware store, and do the effect with a real nail.  

Brand new with instructions.


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