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Mini Isolation Card change --improved model

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Very mystifying change of a mini card under glass!    You show a small card in a glass frame, (it is sealed inside). Have someone selected a card from the deck, and lo and behold, IT DOESN'T MATCH!    No problem. The mini card under the glass changes into the selected card!   

These used to be made with standard-size "playtime" mini cards, which made the secret change "move" difficult to do undetected.  So with those older ones, I used to recommend placing the frame beneath a hanky, and then revealing the change.  But I just got a few more of these (after not being able to get them for many years!) and the new ones have a smaller-sized card under the glass.   These smaller "mini" cards make the move much quicker and so you can do it with a simple "magical wave" of your hands while you hold the frame.   (Yes, the card is not quite as visible as it was with the "playtime"-size version, but this is a close-up effect and so the card's size does not make any difference to the impact of the change.)

The "move" takes some practice to do smoothly, but it is not hard.  Just takes a knack.  Until you get 100% comfortable with the move, you can use the "under the hanky" cover.  but you will get the hang of it with just an hour of practice.

NOTE:  the deck of cards shown in the photo is NOT included -- but it is shown so you have a good idea of how big the frame and mini card are.

ALSO NOTE:  card values may be different from those shown in the photo. 

Brand new with instructions

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