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If you are of an age, (by which I mean about 45 years or older), then you no doubt have fond memories of going to the magic store in the 1970's and 1980's, and looking at all the amazing colorful boxes and tubes produced by Mak Magic in its heyday.   Mak Magic was started by U.F. Grant, who was also a name that was inescapable in those decades (and a few preceeding them).   Grant created (probably) more magic effects and methods than anyone else in magic history.

Grant passed away in 1978, and so for a 30th anniversary of his death, Mak Magic produced a boxed collector's set of UF Grant material.  Only 100 of these limited edition sets were made, and each set contained a 3-DVD set of archival Grant footage, a compendium book of many Grant publications, a poster, and this 8x10inch wood portrait of UF Grant enjoying a cigar.

The sets were quite expensive at issue -- $199 suggested retail, and they are now very hard to find anywhere.   And they are no longer available from MAK -- I know, because I bought the last few they had.  :-)

Some my cringe to hear it, but I decided to split up a couple of the sets I have, because I think some people like books, some people like DVDs and some people like portraits and posters.  So I am selling the pieces separately.   

This listing is for the LIMITED EDITION BOOK that was in the set -- "A COMPENDIUM OF U.F. GRANT PUBLICATIONS"

This book is a collection of 12 different UF Grant/Don Tanner publications from the 1930's through the 1970's.  It includes:

Grant's Thirteen Mysteries (1934),    25 Methods for Switching Decks by Floyd G. Brown.   Six Modern Levitations,  Grant's Brilliant Card Magic by Robert J. Smith,  Challenge Magic Act,  Encyclopedia of U.F. Grant Magic,  Grant's Fabulous Feats of Mental Magic by Don Tanner,  G&M Magic Course,  Grant's Manual of Magic,  Snip Snap Want Ad Test

The pages in this book are not numbered (since it is a collection of about 12 different publications),  But by my rough estimate/count of the pages in this collected volume, it has about 200 pages.  It is a big 8.5 x 11 inch book, and about one inch thick.

If you are an old-ster like me, and you wore out your eyesight trying to read the originals of some of these manuscripts, that were typeset with an actual typewriter and poorly mimeographed, then you will be happy to hear that all the manuscripts were re-set using 21st century word processing technology.  So they are much easier to read now!  

There were only 100 of these books created by MAK, to go into the 100 deluxe UF Grant Commemorative sets.   So unless you bought a set, you could not get this book.   Although these books were not individually numbered, I will let you know which set number your book came from.

 (These were never sold separately -- only in the $199 set -- so hard to say what the "retail" would be, but probably about $50).

CONDITION NOTES:  new .   Genuine MAK issue from 2009 collector's set.  

JUST TO BE EXTRA CLEAR -- this is for the COMPENDIUM book only -- it is being sold separately from the rest of the collector's set components.   Pretty sure you understood that, but  just in case....

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