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TWO Rudy Hunter Card Magic DVDs -- highly recommended

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TWO EXCELLENT TEACH-IN DVD's by Rudy Hunter.    

First, from 2007, is "Money Making Card Magic", which does not really explain how to make money with the information on the DVD, but does teach a number of essential card sleights, as well as some practical and effective routines.   The DVD is mostly single sleight teach-ins, but Hunter is a good teacher, and takes the time to point out little details that can make the difference between "getting it" (or not getting it) when trying to learn a sleight.   

(For example, after many (too many) years of personally struggling with the Hofzinser Cull, I finally "got it" after watching Hunter's explanation.)

I also found his routine called Subliminal Parapsycology to be an instant add to my performing repertoire.

The second DVD is from 2004.  

From 2004, Rudy Hunter released this teach-in of a single full deck false riffle shuffle, which he dubbed "The Hunter Shuffle".  It is an excellent false shuffle, and Hunter teaches it very well -- he pays attention to important details and makes sure that you will understand exactly how this false shuffle is executed.

I recommend this DVD.  I agree as the DVD cover exclaims that this is "the best false shuffle ever."   

But I also want to point out that the Hunter Shuffle is actually the Shank Shuffle, which Ed Marlo detailed in his book of the same name, which Jon Racherbaumer edited and published way back in 1972.  The Shank Shuffle was invented by Frank Shank, and if you read pages 8-11 of the Marlo book, you will get the exact same handling that is taught by Hunter on the DVD.

However given that Marlo's book is now very difficult to find, and also because Hunter does such a good job explaining and teaching the shuffle, I think the DVD is a good buy for anyone who wants to learn an excellent false shuffle.   (even if you happen to own the Marlo book).

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