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McCARRON, The Prop Shop (1975, w/ Roy Fromer)

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First published in 1975, written by "Mercurio" (the professional name of BW McCarron) and edited by Roy Fromer.     I think this book has been reprinted over the years, without newer print dates, so not exactly sure about this one, except to say it is in brand new condition.  Just some price sticker residue on the back cover, but otherwise clean, unmarked, tight, and problem-free.

The PropShop remains (after all these years) one of magic's most interesting little booklets.  -- McCarron pushes the limits of creativity, and so the book reads like a notebook of brainstorms.   If we assume that creativity must be daring, unafraid, and adventurous... well, the ideas in this book are that!

Some of them are pipe dreams that may inspire further creative thinking in the reader.  But others are actually practical ideas.  Most apply to standard props, used in new and different ways.  But many are do-it-yourself projects or routines with common items.

My favorite item in the book (which I admit I would never perform, but someone could get famous performing this on a TV special):   magician is boating on a lake with some friends.   As the boat pulls into the dock, the audience sees ducks swimming near the shore.  The magician has a card selected, and then tosses the deck into the lake.  One duck swims over, dives down to the bottom, and then comes up with the selected card in its bill.  (No kidding, that is the effect, and the method is not totally crazy.  A lttle crazy, but it could work!)

Good mix of close-up and stand-up.   If you enjoy thinking about magic in new and different ways, you will enjoy THE PROPSHOP.

Check out photo of the table of contents to get an idea of how much good stuff is here.

this is from new-old dealer inventory.   Appears as new, even though it is probably 20-25 years old.   

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