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Derek Dingle teach-in (Stars of Magic) DVD

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My first experience in seeing Derek Dingle perform was in about 1973, after school, when I saw him on the Mike Douglas Show (or maybe it was the Merv Griffin Show).  When the TV Guide for the coming week would show up in our mailbox, I would peruse it carefully looking at all the talk shows, to find if there were any magicians on the panel of guests.   And one week in 1973, I found Derek Dingle.

He performed (among other things) Rollover Aces, and when I saw that, I knew I had to learn that trick.  And when I did finally learn Rollover Aces, I knew it was way too hard for me.  :-)

In the 1980's, when magic Videos (on VHS) were in their infancy, Dingle was one of the "Stars of Magic" that Tannen's contracted to make a teaching video.  It seems so obvious and common to magicians now, but at the time, it was revolutionary.  Derek Dingle would show me tricks and then teach me how to do them.

Well, this DVD is a 2005 re-issue of that very old video footage -- by today's standards, the production values seem crude, but Tannen's did a nice job, particularly on the teaching part.   Dingle's explanations and demos are clear and well-shot.

His handlings are so well-practiced and smooth, that he does a few moves I am very familiar with, and I admit, they blew right past me!   He is inspiring and fun to watch.

The DVD has him teaching 6 routines.  (To be clear, Rollover Aces is NOT one of them).   He teaches a very good Twisting packet effect, which a surprise finish that will probably catch you off guard.  Also his handling of Cig through Quarter, Ross Bertram Coin Assembly, a 4-ace routine (again with some sequences that you will probably completely miss that he is doing a familiar move), a great impromptu Wild Card.   Also an All-Backs routine.

This DVD was originally about $30, and has recently been available for $10-$15 from some dealers.   Get it here for around that price.

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