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Lotto Square (Leo Smetser) -- PLUS exclusive TMGS handlings

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I am a huge fan of the Magic Square as a piece of entertaining, and impressive, magic even though it is not really a magic trick, it hits a lay audience the same way:  that the magician has done something that is absolutely impossible.   Even in this effect, where the magic square is not created in front of the audience, it still is amazing to people.  And of course, there is a very magical element here, in that the lotto ticket square appears to have predicted a randomly chosen number.


The spectator chooses a number, and you hand her a Lotto scratcher card.   You say it would be pretty good if any of the sixteen scratch-off circles matched her number.  She scratches and finds that NONE of the revealed numbers match her chosen number.  :-(      BUT, that is when you show her that if she adds the top row of four numbers, it adds up to her chosen number.  And the next row of four also, and the next row, etc.  You go into the full blown "magic square" reveal, showing that almost any four numbers down, across, diagonally, the corners, etc etc etc -- they all add to her selected number.


Of course the selection of the random number needs to be convincing, and while the ideas and methods that Smetser provides in the instructions are okay, I will provide you with two super convincing ways to have the number chosen (one using a pocket datebook, and one using a number deck), plus my complete routine with patter.  

You get SIXTY scratchers plus original Smetser instructions, plus the exclusive TMGS instruction supplement with my personal handlings.

Brand new.


NOTE:  Lotto Square was later released by Alakazam, with DVD instructions.  This is the first release of this item by Leo Smetser, which came only with printed instructions.   You can save about $15 off the price of the Alakazam version if you do not get the DVD.  (And the DVD does not really give much extra useful info.  Plus, with my two handlings, you will have everything you need to kill with this!)

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