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Giant Cervon Monte -- (Bruce Cervon, original)

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One of my favorite monte routines, especially in this Jumbo size, which works perfectly for stand up shows (but can also be used close up)

The great Bruce Cervon had a knack for finding new and commercial ways to present card classics -- in this one, he takes a Larry Jennings' effect (The Close-up Illusion) that had previously been used only as a visual transposition of cards, and instead presents it as a monte effect, using the magical translocation of the card as a way to steer the spectator to the wrong card.

There is a valid conventional wisdom when presenting monte routines, that you should not case the spectator to appear "wrong" too much, lest the audience feel that the magician is being a jerk.  But Cervon's carefully crafted presentation diffuses this issue, and stands as an exception to the rule.  In the end, the entire audience (even the spectator who repeatedly guesses wrong) finds this magical exhibition to be good-hearted fun.

The main effect, if you are not familiar with the original Jennings effect, is that a card is placed between two other cards, and it visible melts through to the bottom position.  As cool as that is, Cervon's presentation amps up both the mystery and the entertainment value to a whole new level.

This is the original 1st edition issue of the booklet with cards, published and sold by Cervon himself.

Previously owned, but apparently unused, with original instructions and props.

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