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Chip Butty 2.0 (Liam Montier)

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OK, the name is not that weird, if you know that a Chip Butty is a kind of sandwich you can get in Fish & Chips shops in the UK, and since Liam Montier is a young (very creative) magician from the UK, I guess maybe the name makes sense...  Because the effect uses poker chips, so Chip Butty.   (Ok, yeah, it is still a weird name)

But the effect and method is both strong and practical.   It is Montier's gaffed deck handling of the classic "Tosheroon" effect:    

A card is selected from the deck (and signed by the spectator is you wish).  The selection is cut back into the deck and the deck is tabled.    You now shows four poker chips, each with a different suit pip on it.  The four chips are put into your fist, and you remove three of them -- none are the same suit as the selection, so you know the remaining chip is the right suit.  But this final chip vanishes from your fist.   You lift half the deck and the vanished chip is seen resting on the lower half.   To complete the effect, you lift the chip and the card beneath it.  The chip is seen to be permanently attached to the card, which is (of course) the selected card.

As mentioned, the selection can be signed, and the DVD recommends giving it away as a souvenir with the chip attached.  Great souvenir, but you do not get any refills -- Magic Tao did not include any in the Chip Butty set when they issued.  (And I am not sure they are still available).   But you can just not give the card away, and for your next show, you can re-set  the effect with a new card and some glue.    Another option:  the same effect could be done with a half dollar that vanishes and appears attached to the signed selected card.  Now your souvenir only costs 50 cents.

There is another version of the same trick (included), using pins or badges, which are supplied -- it is the exact same effect, but with a badge ending up attached to the card, rather than a poker chip.  You get the necessary badges and gimmick for that routine also.

Brand new, with Blue backed Bicycle Deck, Poker Chips and Badges, plus DVD instructions

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