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Anagram-ation (Jim Krenz / A-1 Multimedia)

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Released back in 1997 by A-1 Multi-media, Jim Krenz's Anagram-ation is not only a very magical and impressive way to reveal a chosen card, but it also allows you to leave the spectator with a memorable souvenir that can include your contact info for future bookings.

Although I really like the various Animated Card decks (that Dan Harlan's Card-Toon laid the groundwork for), there is something a bit illogical (or maybe gimmicky) about a specially printed deck that animates when you flip through it.  As I said, I still like those tricks, but Jim Krenz adapted the concept to a stack of business cards in a way that does not immediately telegraph that the trick is using a "special magician's trick prop".

After a Card is selected (let's say it is the Nine of Hearts... because it will be), the magician brings out a stack of business cards held together with a rubber band.  The cards have a bold magic logo on one end, and the words 
"For Astonishment" on the other end.   The spectator initials the logo of the top card with a pen, and then the magician bends back the stack of cards, letting them flip off his thumb (like the old fashion children's animated flip books).   As each card flips by, the spectator watches the words "For Astonishment" begin to animate, apparently flying around on the card face, and re-arranging themselves.  As the flipping reaches the final (top, signed) card, the letters have organized themselves into the words "Nine of Hearts".   The card is removed and handed to the spectator, so she can verify the ink is not moveable, and her signature is still on the same card.

The back of these cards is blank, which allows you to go get yourself a rubber stamp with your contact info and imprint it on the back of the souvenir card.  (Or take the cards to a printer and have it professionally added to the back.)   It creates a real business building souvenir, if you take the time and minimal expense to add your contact info.

You get 48 Nine of Hearts cards, plus the animated packet, and instruction booklet.  If you have the card signed (which you should!), you will use up one Nine of Hearts card for each performance.   But while you are talking to the printer about adding your contact info to the back, you can ask them about duplicating the cards so you can get a large supply.   After you see the amazing reaction this effect gets, you will want a large supply!

Brand new with booklet of instructions.

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