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ALBENICE, Reel Magic (D Robbins 7th printing)

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1978 paperback D. Robbins re-print of Albenice's 1941 book detailing many great ways to use a magician's reel.   The reel is one of the great over-looked, under-used magicians tools.   But this book will convince you to get that reel out of your unused magic drawer, or to go out an buy one.

One of magic's most startling and visual quick effects is the Silk through Microphone stand.   Albenice spends 15 pages explaining Spalding's "The Penetrable Silk" which (once learned) allows you to not only put a silk through a microphone stand, but through a spectator's arm, a table leg, or any other thin solid object.   It looks so clean and magical -- you show the silk, twirl it into a rope-like shape, and hold it with one hand on each end around the microphone stand.  Then with no cover or moves of any kind, you pull the silk through the solid stand.

The first time I saw that trick, my jaw hit the floor.

But that chapter is just the highlight of the book.  Albenice (with the editing help of Ralph W Read) also teaches spooky self-tying (or untying) silks and/or ropes, some ways to use the reel in card effects, a super-clean ring off silk (or rope), plus a bunch of close-up items.. 

Book is in like new, MINT condition.   83 pages with lots of illustrations.

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