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Social Networks Deck (Marchand du Trucs)

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This is a pretty neat idea -- you take what appears to be some sort of novelty card game, based on the images of social media, and you use it to perform some pretty powerful card/mental magic.   For lay audiences (and they're the ones who really matter!), performing (for example) a version of Out of this World with  social media emoticon images can become something very meaningful and powerful.   The idea of this deck is to bring personal emotions and feelings into card magic, which (although possible with a regular deck of cards) is often lacking.

You get a specially printed deck of image cards that includes emoticons (smiley faces, sad faces, angry faces, etc), as well as other familiar images from social media.  The deck is cleverly marked to allow for some of the many effects taught in the online instructions.   The effects taught are mostly of a mental magic/prediction type.  But as mentioned above, when put in the context of the emotions and social media, they have a completely different feel from a typical card prediction.

A very good partial deck version of Curry's Out of this World plot, in which a spectator deals 18 cards into two piles, then she places a happy face next to one of the piles, and sad face next to the other pile.  Her choices are completely free; yet, the cards by the sad face turn out to all depict "thumbs down": icons, and the other (happy face) pile are all "thumbs up" icons.

Another of the effects is a version of Hen Fetsch's Symbologic, done with emoticon images.  The performer is able to correctly match five different moods/emotions that the spectator chooses.

The online instruction video is well shot and teaches a number of routines, but you will also find yourself thinking about other ways to use this versatile deck.  Many classic card effects can be adapted to this deck, in the context of feelings, memories, and personal connections.

Nicely made, the deck and card box appear to be something you might have picked up in a gift shop.  It has a very "normal" feel about it, now in these days of ubiquitous social media.

Brand new, and unused.    Deck contains 50 cards, including some duplicates and gimmicked cards to match the deck design.

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