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Giant Novelty Coin-- US Quarter (vintage 1980s --metal)

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It has been hard to find good quality Jumbo (3-inch) coins lately.  I remember getting my first Giant 3-inch coin back in the late 1970's -- it was solid metal, with great detail and shine, and felt heavy when you dropped it into the spectator's hand.  It did not have the word "Copy" stamped ont it, or the words "made in China".   The jumbo coin I got back then was a faithful recreation of the real US coin, except it was much, much bigger.   

(I remember all these details, because I still have, and use, that same jumbo coin I bought 40 years ago!)

But over the years, as I have tried to find other Jumbo coins, I have found them to be much lighter weight, (many made of aluminum, some even made of plastic!), and lacking the fine detail of those early Jumbo coins.   Many have the distracting disclaimer word "Copy" (or name of the country of manufacturer) boldly displayed on their reverse.   No matter how surprising your Jumbo coin production is, the spectators' awe can only be diminished when they examine the coin and find it feels lighter than they expect, or proclaims itself to be a copy.

So, I was very happy to find a few of those vintage jumbo coins from the 1980's, just like I remembered them.   So if you (like me) have long searched in vain to find a good quality Jumbo coin, your quest is over.   

Check out the photo -- the deck of cards is there to give you scale of how big the 3-inch coin is.  (No deck of cards included.)  The photo shows TWO coins, to show the obverse and reverse.  You get ONE coin with each lot you purchase.

Coins are made of Zinc (heavier and stronger than aluminum), and plated to give them their attractive, shiny finish.

Old dealer inventory, but brand new and unused.    No instructions, but you can work out ways to use this to add a giant climax to your favorite coin routine.


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