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B`wave (econo set) -- includes TMGS handling

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I came across a few sets of these “economy” B'Wave card sets in a lot so ex-dealer inventory.   They were without instructions, so I have written up and will include my own personal presentation of the Phil Goldstein classic packet prediction.    The presentation taught in the instructions I provide has served me well for over three decades.

The effect is a classic, and so probably needs little detail -- the magi/mentalist shows a squared packet of four facedown red-backed cards, and the spectator chooses one of the card suits.  (Suppose she chooses Spades).   The packet is fanned, and one card is faceup in the middle of the other three facedown cards.  It is the Queen of Spades.   To prove no funny sleight of hand occurred -- that the magician did not somehow flip over the Spade card when no one was looking -- the Queen of spades is removed from the fan and turned facedown.  This card has a BLUE back, contrasting the other Red-backed cards.   But just to make sure that the spectators are convinced that the magi always knew which suit would be chosen, the red backed cards are turned faceup and they are all blank.

The basic effect of the four card packet brainwave was originally called Parade of Kings, back in the 1960's.   Goldstein added the blank card blow off at the end around 1990, and the effect became incredibly popular.    Other variations have since appeared by Bannon, Tricks Co, Jenest, Elsdon, Colombini, and... well just about everybody!

The routine which is described in the instructions you will get with this set focuses more on a magical effect, rather than a mental prediction.  I find that the spectators amazement grows more with each revelation when presented this way.   You get my complete handling with patter.     

Admittedly the cards in this set are "economy" -- fairly low quality, but they do the job and handle well enough for the one (optional) sleight in my routine.     They have Bicycle Rider design backs, but they are NOT made by the US Playing Card Company, and they are not on USPCC card stock.

Brand new and unused, with cards, vinyl card holder, and instructions.   You also get two different gimmicks so that the chosen suit is not always the same color.  

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