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Half Jack of Clubs MEGA (15x11 inches)

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This effect is NOT recommended for table hopping or other close-up shows, BECAUSE IT IS HUGE!   The card is printed on extra thick stock and is a whopping 15 inches by 11 inches.  So you might accidentally injure your audience if you use this baby close-up  :-)

However, for a stand up show where you want a funny (and easy) card revelation that can be seen from the neighboring state, I can highly recommend the Mega Half Jack of Clubs by Magical Tales.

Most magicians are familiar with the classic 3-1/2 of Clubs card.  Well, this is the same gag / trick, but using a face card -- the Jack of Clubs.  

You show a massive card (back to the audience), and say it is your prediction.  You then have a card selected by a spectator.   She chooses... (you guessed it)... the Jack of Clubs.    After telling her that you will give her $100 if your prediction is not correct, you explain that you just started doing this trick, and you have only finished reading HALF the directions.   "So my prediction will be exactly HALF of the card you chose -- like if you chose a 10 of Hearts, my prediction will be the Five of Hearts.  If you chose the 8 of Spades, this prediction will be the 4 of Spades.   If my prediction is not exactly HALF your chosen card, you get $100!"   You ask her to show the chosen card to the audience, and they all see it is a face card, the Jack of Clubs.   After suitable mock-embarrassment and concern, you turn the giant card around to show it is exactly correct.  Literally!

I have done both the 3-1/2 of Clubs version of this, and this Half Jack of Clubs version, for many lay audiences.  I find that it seems even stranger and more surprising to them to see an entire half-card and not just an extra half pip.   And of course, there's the added impact of the Mega-sized card.

THE PHOTO SHOWS TWO OF THESE MEGA CARDS, FRONT AND BACK -- YOU WILL GET ONE, NOT TWO!  (but you already knew that, right?)     The Poker size deck shown in the photo is only for scale, so you can tell just how big this mega card is.  Use your own card deck, since the one in the photo is not included.   (but you already knew that, too, right?) 

Brand new with instructions.    (The card back is a blue color -- it looks a bit like Black in the photo, but it is a navy blue.)

Usually sells for $33-$40.  Get it here for less

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