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Paul`s E-ASS-P trick (vintage 1980s, Paul Diamond)

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I first purchased this routine from Paul Diamond back in the early 1980's, and at that time, he called it Paul's E-ASS-P trick.   That name makes sense when you learn the routine.  But somewhere along the line, I think Paul's wife made him clean up the name a little.  And so the instruction sheet changed to read Paul's E-S-P trick.   But the routine was the same.  Very funny and very entertaining.  

 The effect is simple:  a spectator chooses one of five ESP cards, and without looking, she sits on the card.  You then divine which symbol card she has chosen.

I know, that sounds pretty dry.  But I can't really describe the routine in detail, as it would give away all the wonderful bits of business and gags that Paul incorporated into the effect.    I can only ask you to trust me, that you will smile broadly and even laugh as you read the routine, and you will want to show it to some people at your gig, or dinner party.   It is funny.    Paul discusses the importance of choosing a spectator who will help bring out the humor, but that is just icing on the cake -- the humor is already built in.

Since these instructions have that later (cleaned up) name, I think this stock is from the late 1980's.  But that is just a guess.   

Whatever the dating of this routine and props,  the routine is solid gold, and still plays great today, for the right audience.   It is a little risque.   Not much, but a little.  But I would say that only the ultra-prudish would find any offense in it.   If the original name (Paul's E-ASS-P trick does not offend you, then the routine will not offend you.  If it does offend you, well, yeah, maybe this one is not for you!)

Back when I bought my set of these in 1980, the cards I received were gimmicked as necessary for the routine.  But I guess when Paul had to change the name, he also decided to stop gimmicking the cards, so he has added to the instruction sheet that you need to do this yourself, and gives you the instructions to do it.  (It's easy, and will take about 5 minutes.)

Comes with the five ESP cards (red backed Aviator bridge), and detailed instructions for the killer funny routine, including gags and patter. 

New old dealer inventory, brand new, unused, even though the stock is about 30 years old.

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