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Bunny Tip-Top Hats (Ian Adair / Johnny Geddes)

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Save: $5.00
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Qty: 1   

A nicely made version of the classic Supreme kidshow trick, invented by Ian Adair and Johnny Geddes back in the 1980s.     Back then, it was called Bunny Tip-Top.  This recent version retains the "retro" look and feel of the original Supreme graphics, and is well made to stand up to the real-world of Kidshow magic.   

This recent version is called Bunny Hats, but I've been performing this effect for kidshows so long, I still have to call it Tip-Top, so I'll call it Bunny Tip-Top Hats.  

The effect is straightforward:   a long, tall cardboard "envelope" (about 12 inches long) is shown.  It has a window in it, through which the kiddies can see a smiling rabbit.  The magi turns the envelope window towards himself so he can talk to the rabbit (from whom he learns Mr Bun-Bun is looking to get a new hat).   Then, the magi takes the rabbit card out of the envelope and shows the kids the entire picture of Mr, Bun-Bun on the card (sturdy cardboard, nicely silk-screened).  He places the card back into the envelope and sets it on the table where Mr. Bun-Bun can watch and help with the magic.    Next, the magic shows a folding cardboard strip with four different color hats.   He asks the birthday child what her favorite color is, and she says (for example) "Red".    The hat strip is folded up, and when it is opened, the Red hat is GONE.   The picture card of Mr. Bun-Bun is taken out of the (now empty) envelope and everybody sees that Mr Bun-Bun is now sitting in his new Red hat.


Great, great magic!!   As they love to say, "Packs flat, plays big".    This should sell for more, but I got a good deal on a few of them, so here's another great trick at a great price from TMGS.

Brand new, with instructions.   


ALSO INCLUDED:  an extra TMGS tip sheet that I put together for this trick, with presentation ideas and handling tips for a smoother presentation. 

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