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Bag to Card Foulard -- giant size! 44" x 44"

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Here is a stunning visual effect using a large (about 9 inch wide by 14 inch long) silvery cloth bag.  At the end of a card trick, youput the entire deck into this bag, and then , with a quick shake of your hands, the bag suddenly transforms into a GIANT (and I mean GIANT) cloth foulard, covered with bright card images.

The foulard is almost 4 feet square.   And the loose cards that were in the bag are gone, by the way, so no messy cleanup.      You can see how big it is by comparing to the poker-sized deck of cards in the photo -- deck not included; only there to show the scale of this GIANT prop.

The foulard is made of gorgeous satiny cloth, and very durable to hold up for a lifetime of shows.   And have I mentioned, it is GIANT size.

I personally use this to cap off my six card repeat routine.  I have the silver bag clipped to a side table, and as I throw away cards in the six card repeat routine, they are tosse into the bag.  At the end of the six card repeat, I toss the remaining cards into the bag, pull the bag off the clips and carry it forward to center stage -- then bammo!  GIANT card cloth, and the cards have otherwise vanished.    Instant applause cue.    

NOTE:  this does not include the Six card repeat trick which is mentioned above -- that is just one idea on how you might use this GIANT prop.  

Brand new and unused, with instructions. 

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