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Packet switching case -- vinyl

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Here's a handy prop for switching out a card, or small packet of cards (up to 5) without any sleights or false moves.   You take a packet of cards from a small vinyl carrying case, perform your gimmicked packet trick, and then (when done) slip the cards back into the vinyl case.  But if anyone says that they want to see the cards --  (and they always do, right?) -- you simply remove the packet from the case, and let them look at the cards.  Because they have been switched now for an ungimmicked set.
That is just one use for this useful utility prop.  I will include my instructions for how I use it to perform The Open Prediction effect.   You hand the spectators a deck of cards, and you also show a vinyl card holder.   You write 10H on a post-it and stick it to the vinyl holder, with this prediction (10 of Hearts) in full view.  Now the spectator deals cards faceup from the facedown deck, into a pile, looking for the 10 of Hearts.  But at any point, she deals one card facedown (unseen).   You slip it into the vinyl card case for safe keeping.   She continues to deal cards, and gets to the end of the deck -- no 10 of Hearts is found.   Of course, you pick up the vinyl holder and cleanly extract the one card from inside.  It is the 10 of Hearts
The gimmicked vinyl holder makes switches easy and deceptive.  You also get an extra ungimmicked holder that matches, so after the initial switch out, while they are looking at the cards (or whatever), you can even switch out the gimmicked holder and be totally clean.
It works best for packets of cards less than 5 cards, though I have switched a 6 card packet (which the spectators thought was four cards) for a four card ungimmicked packet.
The quality of the vinyl is not as good as it could be, but it is fine for the job.   For the price, it is a great utility prop to add to your card working arsenal.  

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