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Jumbo Card Change Stand -- handy utility device

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Online Price

Save: $7.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

This is a well made wooden stand (with a plastic kickstand-style support in the back), and it will change one jumbo card for another without any covering whatsoever.

The stand is sitting on your table, and you draw attention to the abstract colorful pattern.   Ask your spectators to stare at the pattern for 10 seconds, and then admit to them that you have just tricked them into self-hypnotization.  Although they do not feel any different, their powers of perception are now under your control.  To prove this, you show them the face of a large (jumbo 5x7) playing card and ask them to remember its suit and value.   The card is turned back outward, and placed onto the stand.  "How many people saw the Jack of Diamonds?"   Everyone raises a hand.   "And how many of you saw the 6 of Spades?"   No one raises a hand.    Yet, the single Jumbo card is cleanly lifted from the stand, and it is the Six of Spades!

That is one routine I do with this stand, which draws attention to the somewhat gaudy abstract pattern painted in the inside of the frame.   But you can simply use it to change any Jumbo card into another, for whatever reason you want.  Makes a nice add-on to any prediction routine (like McCombical decks) where you aparrently get the prediction wrong.

Comes with a few jumbo cards that you can use, but you can use any Jumbo cards that are 5x7 inches.   One of the provided cards (the Jack Diamonds you see in the photo) is gimmicked for a super easy handling method, but the handling with regular (ungimmicked) Jumbo cards is not hard, so I never use this gimmicked card.

Brand new with instruction sheet.

I was able to get some of these at a great close-out price from the maker, and so I am passing that savings on to you, with an extra low TMGS price!

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